Our partners

  • Carlex Design

    A Polish company creating unique designs of vehicle’s interiors and exteriors. It provides also facilities for prototype building and production of ready-to-assemble styling sets. Cooperates with all recognized car brands.

  • Geecogen

    An innovative tech-company specialized in e-mobility solutions and power-electronics systems, currently focused on multi-fuel power generator that could work as a basic or auxiliary power supply system for vehicle fast-chargers with elements of SMART-GRID functionality.

  • Assay

    Company focused on supporting innovative projects and ideas, helping them to obtain financing and boosting their development. Assay is a pioneer in implementing modern and effective business solutions.

  • PSPA

    The largest industry association focused on developing electromobility sector and alternative fuels market in Poland. It integrates Polish and foreign companies from various industries that work together to create favorable economic environment allowing low-carbon transport in Poland to thrive.

  • Denios

    DENIOS is a global leader in the production and sale of products and services related to environmental protection and health & safety at work. They support various industrial and service companies, craftsmen, trade enterprises, as well as public institutions - such as educational and research centers - by providing certified products and solutions and individually tailored services within the scope of hazardous substances management.

  • Tor Modlin

    Tor Modlin is a modern, unique place for people who perceive cars as something more than just a means of transportation. We love dynamic and safe driving, and we want to interest others with it.