Our partners

  • Carlex Design

    A Polish company creating unique designs of vehicle’s interiors and exteriors. It provides also facilities for prototype building and production of ready-to-assemble styling sets. Cooperates with all recognized car brands.

  • Geecogen

    An innovative tech-company specialized in e-mobility solutions and power-electronics systems, currently focused on multi-fuel power generator that could work as a basic or auxiliary power supply system for vehicle fast-chargers with elements of SMART-GRID functionality.

  • Assay

    Company focused on supporting innovative projects and ideas, helping them to obtain financing and boosting their development. Assay is a pioneer in implementing modern and effective business solutions.

  • Tor Modlin

    Tor Modlin is a modern, unique place for people who treat cars as something more than just a means of transportation. We love dynamic and safe driving, and we want to interest others with it.